Human Food Project – This is the best website I’ve come across that’s dedicated to gut health.

Crucial Information on the Importance of Gut Health!

Crucial Information on the Importance of Fiber for Gut Health!

More Crucial Information on Fiber and Gut Health!!

Elixa Probiotic – This is the best probiotic supplement I’ve come across so far, if you feel you need that extra help.

Gut Health and Inflammation – This is a really good article about gut health, inflammation, and weight.  It rang very true for me and my experience.  I know for myself, when I focused my attention on getting my inflammation under control that’s when my health began to improve, and my weight started going back down.

Intuitive Eating in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Intuitive Eating – Intuitive Eating is an approach, respected and recognized as a healthy approach to eating, that is recommended only after your eating and appetite cues have returned to normal. Trying to eat intuitively before healing can delay your progress. It’s impossible to follow hunger and appetite cues when they are messed up. As you begin to eat intuitively, make sure that you don’t start to slip in calories and subsequently decrease your metabolism – low body temperature, cold extremities, tiredness, sleep disturbances, etc. If you begin to have these signs, check your food intake.

Why Dieting Doesn’t Work

The Gabriel Method –  After you stop dieting/restricting, if you find yourself among those individuals whose weight is not tapering back to its natural, genetic, optimal weight (assuming you gained above your natural weight), TGM might be helpful to you.  Feel free to ignore whatever you want when it comes to the eating part of his program.  Some of it tends to lean towards orthorexic thinking about food, which is an issue for some.  TGM focuses on reasons (biological survival responses), including dieting/restricting, that can cause a person’s weight to be above their optimal, genetic weight.  You may find that some of these reasons apply to you, and addressing them may help you to start tapering.